Car Repair,Iron River, MI

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Mike’s Muff-Ex & Repair began as an exhaust repair shop and has since expanded to include a full range of auto repair services. Our shop is locally owned and operated by Mike Bittner and Jeff O’Claire, a father/son team. No matter what your car repair needs are, Jeff and Mike have the skills and experience to get you back on the road, safely and affordably.

We service all makes and models and have service manuals on hand. Our focus is on providing our customers with the parts and services they need and nothing they don’t — this helps us build upon our reputation for trustworthy, reliable repairs.

Customer Satisfaction & Straightforward Services are Our Priority

Our technicians are ASE Certified Technicians and prior to purchasing Muff-Ex, Mike began his career in 1996 and worked as a Certified General Motors Technician for 22 years. You can count on us for experienced repairs, the care you need, and no surprises.

We Carry a Two-Year or 24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty on Repairs & Most Parts!

Brakes, Iron River, MI

Brake Repair

From brake line replacement and repair to swapping out brake pads and rotors, we service all types of brake systems. You can count on us to repair and replace every component in your brake system to make sure you are safe on the road.

Steering Repairs,Iron River, MI

Steering & Suspension Repair

We repair and replace the full array of steering and suspension components including: Ball Joints, Steering Gears, Steering Linkage, Shocks, Struts, Springs and more.

Electrical Repairs,Iron River, MI

Computer & Electrical Diagnostics & Repair

We are your go-to shop for computer and emission diagnostics, airbags, ABS lights, and anything related to your automotive computer. In addition, we can diagnose hard to find issues within your car’s electrical system, and ensure your vehicle’s components are properly powered.

Tires,Iron River, MI


We provide the full range of tire services including tire sales, mounting, balancing, repair, and tire replacement. We have a tire pressure monitor reset tool as well as a tire machine and balancer.

Exhaust,Iron River, MI

Exhaust Repair

We service every part of the exhaust and emissions system including mufflers, tailpipes, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, and more. We have the skills and capabilities to install custom dual exhausts, and have an exhaust pipe bender right here in our shop.

Battery,Iron River, MI

Battery Sales & Replacement

Your car’s battery provides power and stores energy for a number of components. This includes the lights, interior electronics, fuel system, and engine. We have the experience to diagnose problems with your battery or charging system and then make the necessary repairs. You can count on our team to make solid recommendations for replacement components as well.

Engine,Iron River, MI

Engine Repair

Your car’s engine is like its heart — without it, it will not run. When you experience engine problems, it affects every other part of the vehicle. We will work with you to diagnose the issues and them work to expertly remedy the problem.

Transmission,Iron River, MI

Transmission Repair

If your car or truck is experiencing transmission problems, we have the solutions. We perform both major and minor transmission repairs on both automatic and manual systems.

Maintenance,Iron River, MI

General Maintenance

We are proud to provide a full range of general maintenance services including oil changes, coolant replacement, tune-ups, tire rotations, filter changes, alignments, and more.

Additional Services

We are committed to getting you back on the road, and are proud to have the skills and equipment to do so. Whether you are locked out of your vehicle or need a jump to your battery, count on the team at Mike’s Muff-Ex & Repair LLC to give you a hand.

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